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The name's Laurel. I'm 20.
I live in Georgia, currently in Tennessee studying music business & management. Music is my thing. One day you'll see me managing bands & stuff.

#latergram — We are kinda cute. ☕️☕️☕️

#latergram — We are kinda cute. ☕️☕️☕️

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Girls/Girls/Boys (Acoustic) (x)

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14-15/∞ fav photo of Hayley Williams

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GET TO KNOW ME MEMEFavourite Bands » The 1975
↳ “And you’re sure that I’d learn, I’m pushing through bodies, avoiding me and walking ‘round you. And you’re cold and I burn, I guess I’ll never learn, 'cause I stay another hour or two.”

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Before you walk away, there’s one more thing I wanna say

Our brains are sick but that’s okay

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Just because I’m gay…


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Happy Birthday Ryan Ross

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Happy 28th Birthday to an amazing and talented singer/songwriter/guitarist, an inspiration and a hero: 
George Ryan Ross III

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